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Journal of Orange History - volume 2

Journal of Orange History - volume 2

Price: 3.00 [$3.66]

This second edition includes articles on the 1674 Damask Linen Cloth of William of Orange, Samuel Hughes: The creator of the Canadian Expeditionary Force, A Different Dublin: Loyalism in Dublin City from 1886-1921, The Origins and Nature of Violence of the County Armagh Troubles 1886-1921

The Journal was produced with the help of the Friends of Schomberg House, a support group for the Museum of Orange Heritage.

The Wayward Man

The Wayward Man

Price: 10.00 [$12.20]

Robert Dunwoody has inherited his father's love of the sea and restless spirit while his mother dreams that he will play a part in their family business. Robert rebels against the world of small shopkeepers to follow the harsh, dangerous live of a sailor. After years away, travelling across the oceans and as a hobo in the United States, Robert returns to Belfast and is trapped into marriage and a shop of his own. Can he free himself to return to the world beyond Belfast's streets and return to the joys of an independent life?

"Union Cruiser" by Dr David Hume M.B.E.

Price: 8.00 [$9.76]

The Gunrunning of 1914 was a pivotal event in the history of unionist opposition to the Third Home Rule bill. Prior to the landing of a consignment of rifles and ammunition for the Ulster Volunteers the Liberal government and nationalist politicians believed that unionist opposition was based on bluff and bluster. But unionists in Ireland, and particularly in Ulster, believed that Home Rule would be an economic, political, social and cutlural disaster and that their future as a Protestant minority would be under threat. After the gunrunning, one author could remark that events had passed the stage of mere play acting.

This book is published by the Educational Affairs Committee of the Grand Orange Lodge of Ireland.

Belfast Shipbuilders,   A Titanic Tale

Belfast Shipbuilders, A Titanic Tale

Price: 16.00 [$19.52]

A fantastic history of shipbuilding in Belfast, this 208 page paperback book has lots of photographs and illustrations and is written by maritime historian Stephen Cameron, whose knowledge in his subject is clear from the detaill and level of information provided. Published by Colourpoint Books at £16.00 plus postage, this is an excellent book and well worth reading.

A Struggle To Be Heard

A Struggle To Be Heard

Price: 9.99 [$12.19]

This excellent and thought provoking book by Lord Laird of Artigarvan is an important contribution to our identity and outlook. John Laird takes us from his early years through major political events with an easy style. One of the most impressive books to come from a unionist politician in recent years, Lord Laird is one of the few political figures within unionism to actually write an autobiography.

"The Sunshine Patriots: The 1798 Rebellion in Antrim & Down" by R.M. Sibbett

Price: 1.00 [$1.22]

Reprinted from:-"Orangeism In Ireland And Throughout The Empire" (Thynne & Co., Ltd 1938)

An understanding of the events surrounding the 1798 Rebellion in Ireland is a key to an understanding of the divided loyalties in our society today. The support for the Rrebellion by many northern Presbyterians was quickly, in historical terms, turned to support for the Crown and Constitution. R.M. Sibbett writes with an understanding of the motives of the men on both sides and does not attempt to hide the terrible deeds committed by each. His respect for honourable men from different sides is something we should emulate today.

52 pages.

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Grand Orange Lodge | Publications |  General Interest

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