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History of the Orange Order

Grand Orange Lodge | Publications |  History of the Orange Order

From Dolly's Brae to Westminster

From Dolly's Brae to Westminster

Price: 15.00 [$19.80]

This publication by Dr Jonathan Mattison examines the activities of the Loyal Orange Institution in Ireland from the clash at Dolly's Brae in 1849 to the beginnings of the Home Rule question in 1886.

(Paperback 266 pages. Also available as a Hardback, see below)

"The Formation of the Orange Order 1795-1798"

Price: 8.00 [$10.56]

edited papers of Colonel William Blacker and Colonel Robert Wallace.

The publication of the edited papers of these two distinguished men of the past will enhance the knowledge of the formation of the Orange Order. Colonel William Blacker gives his eye-witness account of the "Battle of the Diamond". These papers held in the Armagh County Museum and the Public Records Office are now to be made available to a wider reading public.

166 pages, hardback

*****SALE PRICE*****

"The Diamond in its Historical Setting" by Cecil Kilpatrick

Price: 1.00 [$1.32]

A brief but detailed history of the Battle of the Diamond, which was the immediate reason for the founding of the Orange Order, is placed on record for future generations. Cecil Kilpatrick, presents the fruit of his detailed research for the benefits of those who appreciate brevity in writing.

28 pages.

"Battles Beyond The Boyne"

Price: 2.50 [$3.30]

This attractive publication by Schomberg Press features noted Orange historians dealing with various aspects of Orangemen in service from 1798 to 2000. Included are chapters on the Victorian period, the First World War, Second World War and Northern Ireland Troubles. This book is based on the successful Battles Beyond the Boyne exhibition staged by the Grand Lodge. Illustrated with unique photographs, and aimed at the general reader with an interest in Orangeism and history. Edited by Dr. David Hume, with contributions from Cecil Kilpatrick, David Cargo, Jack Greenald, Greg Hopkins, David Scott, and Bruce Kidd.

86 pages

*****SALE PRICE*****

"The Order on Parade" by Graham Montgomery & Richard Whitten

Price: 0.50 [$0.66]

Published after the Siege of Drumcree, 9th-11th July 1995, to help a better understanding not just of the events of the 'Siege', but of the reasons behind the Orange Tradition of parading, so that 'offence' will not be taken where no 'offence' is intended.

40 pages.

*****SALE PRICE*****

Grand Orange Lodge | Publications |  History of the Orange Order

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