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The Williamite Period

Grand Orange Lodge | Publications |  The Williamite Period

"The Duke of Schomberg" by Gordon Lucy

Price: 2.50 [$3.30]

The latest publication from the Educational Affairs Committee of the Grand Lodge of Ireland, this is an attractive booklet and highly informative on the life of the Duke of Schomberg. He once fought against Williamite forces, but died for the Williamite Cause at the Battle of the Boyne in 1690. Written by academic Gordon Lucy, this is an exceptional account of a major historical figure.

62 pages.

*****SALE PRICE*****

"William of Orange: A Dedicated Life" by Cecil Kilpatrick

Price: 4.00 [$5.28]

A detailed look at the life of one of the giants of history as far as western democracy is concerned. Whilst William is well known especially in Ulster for the events of 1688-1690 many know little of the other aspects of the life of this remarkable man.

113 pages.

"Londonderry City of Refuge" by Cecil Kilpatrick

Price: 1.00 [$1.32]

The events in Londonderry from December 1688 to August 1689, a Siege of 105 days, "the most memorable in the annals of the British Isles", is presented with brevity and clarity for those who are interested in the basic events of those days.

24 pages.

Grand Orange Lodge | Publications |  The Williamite Period

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